Biddestone Sawmills

Biddestone Sawmills was started after World War 1 by the Great Grandfather of the present owner, Robert Hibberd. The Mill opened in the early 1920's powered by a stationary steam engine which was replaced in the 1930's by a Crossley oil engine.

Heavy timber was moved using a succession of haulage tackle including a 1939 Industrial Fordson and a 1954 Douglas. Haulage ceased in 1965 although the tractors continued in the yard until 1970 when Matadors started to be used. On the left is an image of an ex-Henry Giles conversion being used by Robert to winch out big oaks (averaging 200 cube each) up a steep wet slope. In fact, the Matador is being held down by another vehicle!

The mill was kept particularly busy during the years of Home Timber Control regulations and after the war moved into other areas including coffin board production.

Top quality timber has been hewn at Biddestone Sawmills for over four generations and skilled craftsmen have used Biddestone Sawmills timber for Mulberry Harbour, Lambeth Palace's post war restoration and more recently, Windsor Castle.

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